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Math That’s SMART for 2nd Through 6th Grade!

Advantage4kids Math addresses every math learning objective required for grades 2–6 as identified by IXL, the leading math-concepts reference used in all 50 US states and more than 190 countries. All of IXL's learning objectives are fully aligned to all U.S. state math standards and to the Common Core State Standards for math.

Math instruction has changed a lot for kids in 2nd through 6th grade, but homework demands haven’t! That means kids are often learning math differently than how their parents learned math, making it especially difficult for parents to help their kids understand today’s math homework. Advantage4kids Math helps kids—and parents—understand required math concepts the way they’re currently taught in school, while building math knowledge and confidence!

 Math That’s FUN to Learn!

Advantage4kids Math isn’t just about helping kids master math—it’s also about helping them enjoy learning math! Advantage4kids Math is designed to make math truly interactive so it’s FUN for kids to learn! And especially for today’s kids in 2nd through 6th grades, where high-stakes testing is prevalent, that’s a very big deal! Our Advantage4kids Math games, quizzes, videos, and interactive glossary give math dynamic, real-world meaning that’s far more interesting than hum-drum tutorials and abstract symbols on a page.

 Advantage4kids Math Videos: 3 Steps to Success

In each Advantage4kids math video, a nationally acclaimed math teacher (see our Meet the Experts feature) explains and demonstrates a required math concept in a way that makes sense to kids—and also to parents, who may have learned that concept differently when they were in school!

Using a 3 Steps to Success approach, our math teachers first walk through an easy and relatable example of the math concept, explaining important steps, pointing out helpful tips and strategies, and demonstrating how to double-check the answer.

 In the second step, kids try another example on their own and then double-check their answers with the math teacher, who shows how commonly-made errors can be used as helpful learning tools.

 In the third step, kids repeat this process using a slightly more challenging example. All throughout, teachers provide clear and comprehensive explanations and encouragement, stressing the importance of trying your best, having a positive attitude, learning from mistakes, and never giving up.

 Advantage4kids Math Games, Quizzes, and Interactive Glossary: Specifically Designed for 2nd Through 6th Grade!

By playing Advantage4kids Math games, kids practice important math concepts while engrossed in having fun! Our games are specially designed for 2nd through 6th graders, who like to figure out how things work and enjoy multiple adventure levels that require them to think, solve, and learn over time without becoming frustrated. Advantage4kids Math games can take a while to master, but they provide the opportunity for immediate and ongoing reward.  

 Every Advantage4kids math quiz is based directly on its companion math video. And just like the math videos, each quiz is patterned after a 3 Steps to Success approach. The first few questions are easy, the next several questions are slightly more complex, and the final few questions are more challenging. That way, kids can determine if they’ve mastered a specific math concept or if it would be helpful to review/relearn the concept by watching the companion video.

The Advantage4kids Math interactive glossary provides a searchable database of math terms by grade level, including all the key vocabulary terms used in every math video. Kids in 2nd through 6th grade can search this comprehensive glossary for math definitions accompanied by illustrations and, where helpful, animated examples.

Enjoy using Advantage4kids Math for Math Smarts + Math Fun!

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